A Couple Of The Best Japanese Knotweed Removal Tips

Japanese Knotweed removal
05 Sep

A very difficult plant to remove from your property is called the Japanese knotweed. It is considered to be one of the most difficult weeds to kill, often requiring a professional to come out to do it for you. There are natural solutions for getting rid of them, and there are also herbicides that work very well. There are a few things that you might want to attempt if you have them, but you will usually have to find a specialist that can remove all of them for you. Here are a a few of the best Japanese knotweed removal tips, and also how to find a specialist that can help you if these fail to work.

How Can You Remove The Japanese Knotweed?
You can remove these weeds very quickly by simply cutting them down, but this always leads to them growing back. If you pull them out at the root, there will always be a few rhizomes left in the ground because of how intricate the root system is. From the rhizomes, new shoots will sprout, and this can cause and even worse problem the following year. People will use natural products such as lime, vinegar, or they may simply place a tarp over the top of the Japanese knotweed which can cause them to die off. However, there is always the possibility that the shoots will grow back, and that’s why you need to use herbicides that will do a much better job.

What Type Of Herbicides Can Get Rid Of Japanese Knotweed?
There is a chemical called glyphosate that is a systemic herbicide, one that is broad-spectrum and often used for killing weeds of all different types. It specifically targets broadleaf weeds, and different types of grass that can compete with crops. This is found in products such as Roundup, but you can also use products that have 2,4-D or Picloram which is also very effective. These are chemicals that you should avoid using on your own if you have never done this before, and that’s why contacting a local Japanese knotweed removal company is the key to getting rid of them once and for all.

How To Locate These Businesses Near You
You can locate these businesses online, or in a business directory. Contacting them by phone, you will be able to request an appointment where someone will come out to see if you do have Japanese knotweed. Although you could probably identify this on your own by looking at the leaves, shoots, or the white flowers that it may have, it’s always good to make a positive identification. Once they have done this, they will know exactly what herbicide to use to get rid of them using these proven chemicals.

If you have not been able to stop the Japanese knotweed on your property from growing, it is time to work with a professional company that can help. You may not be able to do this on your own, or have access to the herbicides that will work, and that is where these companies come in. You will locate several Japanese knotweed removal companies, and one of them will have very affordable pricing. If you can catch this early, you can stop the spread of what is one of the worst perennial weeds that grows in the world today.