All about IBM Cognos TM1 training

27 Feb

Powered by IBM, Cognos TM1 is an online analytical processing (OLAP) platform. IBM Cognos TM1 training helps in gaining proficiency and expertise in enterprise forecasting, planning, analysing, performance evaluation and reporting. Those attending Cognos TM1 training gets hands on real time projects that includes working with advanced modelling techniques, multidimensional OLAP, TM1 web and Turbo Integrator.

This training can be attended by following professionals:

  1. Professionals with IBM Mainframe development skill set. They worked with large enterprise database such as IBM DB2, IMS DB etc through which queries are created & executed that helps in data modelling and analysis.
  2. Business Intelligence (BI) professionals.
  3. Database Architect (DBA) and Structured Query Language (SQL)developers.
  4. Business Object (BO) professionals and managers.

Though anyone can take this training, however person having SQL background will have added advantage as it imparts training related to OLAP which enables user to select and view data for data modelling, trend analysis, calculations and chart preparations.

Why Cognos TM1 Training should be taken?

IBM Cognos TM1 Training is a Business Intelligence tool of high performance. Queries through excel spreadsheet or IBM TM1 Web can be used for online analytical processing. Along with providing business modelling and data analysis, this training helps in creating highly reliable and scalable solutions so as to adapt to the dynamic business forecasting and thus provides accurate business insights.

The 3 basic strengths of Cognos TM1 are:

  1. Efficient calculation driver engine.
  2. Excellent methodology of data storage in RAM.
  3. High flexibility and Scalability.

There are 8 main topics that are essential to IBM Cognos TM1 Training. They are:

Architecture, key components, applications and environment of IBM Cognos TM1.  Application of Skip check and Feeders for performance tuning.  Insert, update and data deletion from cubes and thus its customization. Cognos TM1 services creation and configuration. Data expansion methods and drilling process. Manage VBA forms in excel actively by accessing TM1 server directly. Model application of continuous time dimension. Application planning and its management.

On completing Cognos TM1 Training, people exhibit following skill sets:

Understanding of full Cognos TM1 architecture. Ability to realise TM1 position in performance management of financial system. Ability to build object and customize cubes and dimensions. Build security and additional relevant features to the TM1 applications with improved implementation of business logic. Work and implementation of currency conversion. Data modelling according to different fiscal years and its requirement. Maintenance reduction by use of TM1 techniques.