Car Boot Liner To Protect Your Car From Damage And Dirt

car boot liner
22 Sep

If the boot of your car is being used to transport more than just luggage and shopping bags, chances are you are spending a lot of time trying to keep it clean and tidy. A car boot liner from The Hatchbag Company is the perfect answer for car owners who need to transport pets, sports equipment, building materials, or any other stuff that can dirty and damage the interior of your car boot. It is quick and easy to install and remove for cleaning purposes and will protect your boot interior from stains, tears, and smells. These tough, high-quality boot protectors are manufactured in the UK and are tailor-made and hand-finished to fit most cars. They come with additional accessories to suit your lifestyle and needs and folds away neatly for storage when it is not needed.

Our car boot covers are made from high-quality Oxford waterproof PVC fabric that is hard-wearing with a wipe-clean finish that covers the base, sides and rear seats of the boot, protecting it from water, fur, mud, spills, accidents, and bite marks. There are over 400 models and a range of colours to choose from with additional accessories like a tailgate flap, a rear seat top cover, and a tough rubber mat.

Who Needs a Car Boot Protector?
Dog Owners : The most common problem faced by pet owners is how to protect their car from dog hair, mud, and dirt when transporting their animals. After a day of adventure, the car boot is invariably covered in dog hair, wet and muddy prints, sea sand, and goodness knows what that sticks to and becomes embedded deep into the fibres of the carpets. Instead of spending the rest of the day relaxing after a lovely day out, it is spent cleaning up the mess until the next time. A car boot cover will contain all the mess and can be easily lifted out, hosed down and hung out to dry in a few minutes, ready for use the next time you need it. No scrubbing, vacuuming or sanitizing necessary and you can spend your valuable time on other things.

Multi-Purpose Vehicles: Our car boot protectors have been designed with the focus on functionality, quality, and style that looks great in the boot of your car as well as keeping it fully protected. It is the ideal solution for people who live an active lifestyle, or who wish to get the most of out of their vehicle but also wish to protect it from damage. A custom-made boot liner will protect your car when transporting rugged sports equipment, household rubbish, baby equipment, building materials, tools, camping equipment, and whatever else you use your vehicle for. An additional accessory in the form of a rubber mat will provide impact protection and an additional tailgate cover will protect the rear of the car when loading and unloading.

Now you can keep the luggage compartment of your vehicle in showroom condition with a car boot liner that is easy to install with adjustable buckle straps that tie to the headrests of the car, and Velcro strips to keep it firmly in place. While it is easy to clean animals and equipment after a day out in the country, protecting your car boot from lasting damage requires a workable solution. Choose the perfect fit for your vehicle from our comprehensive, high-quality range of protectors and useful accessories that will last a lifetime.