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15 Jul

This comes from the local locksmith named Oskar.

Unbeknownst to many people, there are lots of different variants of locksmiths depending on the job at hand. Whichever locksmith you call depends on the problem you currently find yourself in:

  • A residential locksmith is responsible for, as the name implies, locks around your home and will set up home alarm systems and deadbolt locks. These locksmiths are qualified to give you advice relating to the locks you will need. Residential locksmiths should give a 24/7 service.
  • An automobile locksmith will come to your aid when you have an issue with your car’s locks. Such issues could be a malfunctioning smart lock or the car keys getting stuck in the ignition. This locksmith should also offer round the clock service.
  • A commercial locksmith is a more challenging position than the previous two. These locksmiths are responsible for the locks on schools, shops and offices, which are often more sophisticated and employ special features such as personnel identification, attendance tracking and timekeeping. These locks can also be programmed after the place of business closes for added security.
  • Many people have locked themselves out of the house or snapped a key in the lock. This is where the emergency locksmith comes in handy. These locksmiths are mobile and can help you quickly.

In addition to these locksmiths that are commonly used by customers, there are some other, more specialised types of locksmith too. Institutes, such as hospitals and universities, often hire their own locksmiths to work directly for them. These direct employees, known as institutional locksmiths, are responsible for the locks and safety of the place that hired them.

Possibly the most exciting job in the locksmith trade would be the forensic locksmith. Working with police forces to tackle criminal investigations, the forensic locksmith uses his skills in almost the opposite way to his colleagues by determining how locks and security systems were bypassed. The evidence these locksmiths provide can be used to identify and arrest suspects.

Not all locks are the same – the lock on your front door is different to the lock found on your garden gate, for instance. A locksmith should have knowledge of fitting and repairing numerous different categories of locks. These include the church lock, which is found on gates, draws and cabinets; the cylinder lock, often found on external house doors; digital locks are those accessed by cards or pin codes and lever locks are found on internal house doors. Each lock provides its own level of security and a competent locksmith should be able to tell you which one is most suitable for your needs.

Being a locksmith is a very specialised profession and you should be sure you are contacting the right person for the job you want doing. Most people will only ever deal with a locksmith when something goes wrong, but it is worth nothing that this branch of work is much more complex than first meets the eye.

Source: The Art of Locksmiths

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