Type of materials used in the MUGA sports pitches

28 Feb

Have you ever asked yourself how the MUGA sports pitches are constructed? I think it is important for you to know. Reading of this article will equip you with basic knowledge of how the pitch is constructed, materials used and also get to know various types of the MUGA sports pitches.

In terms of the materials used to construct the MUGA sports pitches, there is three type of the pitches which include the tarmac, polymeric, and the synthetic turf.

Under tarmac, there are type 1 and type 2 MUGA are constructed on top of a stone that is free draining which open-graded and also free from frost. During construction, it is advisable to apply macadam in 2 layers to make it strong and stable. In the case where one chooses 2 layers, an average of compacted materials should be at a depth of 40mm. for the single layer macadam, it is laid on a light MUGUAs with the tarmac porous, open-graded and also resistance to frost.

Polymeric materials are mainly used to construct type 3 and type 4 MUGA sports pitches. The surface is constructed of EPDM rubber with a binder and also slip-resistant materials. They are available in deferent colours with red and green being very common. The polymeric MUGA sports pitches are commonly used for rebound sports an also for training non-ball sports e.g. athletics. They can also be used for wheelchair sports.

The difference between type 3 and type 4 is that type 3 has a thinner surface which is less shock absorber with higher friction hence suitable for non-contact sports e.g. tennis and netball while type 4 MUGA has a thicker surface which provides greater shock absorbency with lower surface friction. Type 4 is suitable for mainly basketball and athletics.

Synthetic turf is used for type 5 MUGA. They are very common in England. They are constructed in accordance with the SAPCA rules of practice for construction and maintenance of synthetic turf MUGA sports pitches for STP and type 5 MUGAs. There are 3 commonly used types of synthetic turf (artificial grasses) for MEGAs. They include:

A 40mm carpet: It is made up of sand and rubber infill that is laid onto 15mm layers over the tarmac. This stabilizes the base layer that lies on a free-draining stone base.

A sand-filled carpet: It consists of a low-density carpet of 20mm pile height which is laid onto a 15mm n-layer shock pad over tarmac making it more stable. A sand-dressed 20mm carpet which is laid on to a layer of the tarmac of 15mm depth.