What Is The Quality Of The Glass And Stainless Steel Fixtures In Your Home?

glass and stainless
25 Sep

Glass and stainless steel are supposed to be some of the highest quality materials for sinks and other fixtures in the home. However, it is important to understand that quality does matter. Is there a way to know if one type of glass or stainless steel is better than another type? Is it possible for you to test these materials for quality?

This is a topic that most people are not sure about, and this is understandable. There is so much information regarding glass and stainless steel. Some information says that these materials are completely safe and non-reactive.

Then there is some information that states stainless steel is a heavy metal that can leach into liquids, foods and even possibly through skin. Fortunately, you can navigate your way through this information by testing the quality of the hardware you have in your kitchen or bathroom.

What Is ‘Magnetic’ Stainless Steel?
There is a theory that says you can test the durability and safety of stainless steel by using a magnetic. However, this test helps determine if the steel is made from a metal alloy that contains nickel or chromium, or if the steel is authenticate.

Several types of structures are in stainless steel. These structures are:

  • Ferrite
  • Austenite
  • Martensite

When you look at a piece of material or a fixture that is made of stainless steel, it may be labeled as 18/20 or 18/8. This ratio lets you know the amount of chromium and nickel that is in the metal. The first number represents the amount of chromium and the second number represents the amount of nickel.

The nickel determines whether the stainless steel is austenitic. So, the ‘magnet’ test demonstrates that if the magnet sticks to the metal, it is considered safe. However, if it does not stick, it is not considered safe.

How Can You Determine If The Stainless Steel In Your Home Is High Quality?
Unless you are an expert in metals, it will be difficult to know whether the craftsmanship of the fixtures of your home are of the highest quality stainless steel possible. Your only option will likely be to purchase high quality stainless steel from a reputable manufacturer that is known for creating the best products in the industry.

Sink Savvy: Stainless steel will give your kitchen a professional look. As previously mentioned, you need to go with a quality brand like Rohl or Franke. If you take the time to choose a quality stainless steel fixture, you will also want to choose a high-end granite because you do not want someone to have to repair a poor quality sink that is under the higher quality stone.

Simply put, if you have enough cash in your budget, go for the highest quality stainless steel possible. Remember, the lower the metal gauge, the thicker the steel is. For example, the average home sink is 20 gauge. An excellent quality stainless steel is 18-gauge. A high end stainless steel from Franke may be as low as 16-gauge.

The bottom line is that there are many things to consider when determining if the glass and stainless steel fixtures and hardware in your home is high quality. Take the time to research to find the best products that meet your needs and budget.